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Tips on Selecting the Best and Less Expensive Termite Control Companies

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While selecting amongst the termite control companies, one should exercise the same amount of care and discrimination as one would exercise in selecting any other important service for your property. Before making selection amongst the pest control companies, one must make sure that the firm is reliable and is licensed and certified to do the work of termite pest control.

Termites are wood destroying insects which cause damages worth millions of dollars every year, and to get rid of termite it is advisable to hire the services of a reputed termite control company having an established place of business. If one is not sure whether their home has termite, they should engage the services of a pest control company mastering the art of termite identification. There are different types of termites and the white ants termite is the one which damages the wood most.

For making the right choice of the company providing services of pest control, one must follow the tips mentioned here. The worthiness and standing of the firm must be investigated properly before entrusting it with the job of termite control.

To start with one must check whether the firm is a member of your State Pest Control Association and the National Pest Control Association. This membership will ensure that the company is up to date with modern technical information.

In Ohio, the law states that all pest management companies must be licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The department’s pesticide regulation section registers pesticides available for sale in Ohio and it also certifies licenses and tests commercial pesticide applicators.

For obtaining a license of a termite controller in Ohio one must possess good knowledge in pesticides and termites and has to pass certain necessary exams and are also supposed to attend training classes. So engaging a licensed termite control company will automatically ensure its credentials.

One must check with Ohio Pest Control Association (937-222-1024;, or the National Pest Management Association (703-573-8330; whether the company is a member with their organization or not. The membership of these organizations will itself guarantee that the company holds a place of reputation and has access to technical training and knowledge.

A good company with reputation also offers guarantee in their termite control services, so one must understand the terms and conditions of the offered guarantee in a detailed manner. It is also worthwhile to verify with the Local Department of Agriculture and Better Business Bureau to find out if there is any complaint filed against the concerned company.

Before finalizing contract with any one company – proposals and quotations must be invited from 3 or more companies seeking written information on their procedure of treatment and chemicals used, their extent of repairs of wood work, and quality of insecticides used by them. All the bids and proposals must be compared thoroughly and one must ensure to include follow up inspections in every pest control contract.

As there are many fraudulent operators working in the areas where they are less known, it is better to ask for references from the companies sending their bids and verifying those references properly. If you are able to select the best amongst termite control companies then you are sure to make your house termites and pest-free.

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