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The Kitchen Stove of Yesterday and Today: A comparison and Review

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The heart of the home is the kitchen and the kitchen stove. The kitchen means fire and fire means the kitchen stove. Anything that gives out fire for cooking can be termed a kitchen stove. It may be a brick stove fed with dry leaves or wood, a mud kiln where coal is burnt or the latest multipurpose kitchen range.

The choice of the right kitchen stove for a new home depends on the geographical location, the availability of the most affordable fuel, the type of cooking, the number in the family and the coins in the purse. What is the perfect kitchen stove for one may not be so for another.

With the march of time wood, coal and oil are becoming more and more rare leading to the popularity and demand for natural gas stoves. The first gas stove made its debut in a London World Fair in 1851. In 1921 enameled gas stoves hit the market – these being easier to clean. The most efficient gas stove was the AGA cooker invented by Swedish Nobel prize winner Gustaf Dalen. Although expensive it was much sought after.

In 1892 the electric cooking stove made its entry – the first one being installed in Windsor Hotel, Montreal. It was a prime attraction in the Chicago World Fair in 1893. The idea of the electric kitchen stove did not catch on fast until the towns and cities came to be fully electrified.

Today the best option is the kitchen range – a single unit with many alternatives where one can cook, bake or grill according to preference. The work can be done simultaneously saving on energy and time. A single range may work either on electricity or gas, comes in many sizes and colours with multiple functions.

Kitchen Aid stoves are very popular. It saves money and they have many savings coupon schemes to offer. Discount coupons come with Kitchen Aid. One of the best models is the slide-in electric range of Kitchen Aid. It operates on a unique self cleaning system and the heat is consistent. There is a device which measures the level of soil collected and the time of use that triggers off the automatic selection process. The owner is spared the hassles of hard scrubbing and inhalation of fumes.

All said and done, kitchens today would definitely not be functional if it was not for food processors array that we enjoy. The conventional ovens are still used in some places but have been replaced largely by microwaves ovens.

The free-standing kitchen range makes cooking a fun filled exercise. Clean Bake range allows for more even distribution of heat and there is nothing to worry about one side of the dish being more cooked than the other.

Despite giant strides and advances in kitchen stoves and appliances the nostalgia for antique stoves remains. This has led to many firms dealing exclusively with repaired antique stoves that hark back to the 19th century. Some of these can be used while the very old kitchen stoves going back to the 18th century can be kept in a corner as a priceless decorative piece. There are step-stoves, box-stoves and parlor stoves – historic stoves that still give out the warmth of bygone days.

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