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Tips on Buying New Furniture for Your New Home

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If you’re planning on buying new upholstered furniture for your new home, bear in mind there are some things to look out for when you’re choosing pieces that you like. It’s not just the size and colour that you should be considering.


Check out the construction of the furniture. Make sure there is enough padding on the arms of sofas, for example. Where there isn’t padding between the fabric and the wood, the fabric will wear away more quickly.

If the piece is patterned, then make sure the pattern joins up at the seams and at the front edges. If the pattern doesn’t match, not only does it not look so good, but it’s also a sign of inferior quality.

Examine the stitching to make sure it is tight and there aren’t any bits of stuffing showing.

Find out what the frames are made of – you’ll want a durable hardwood. It’s a good sign if the frame is joined with dowels and blocked on the corners. You could even try to hunt down an eco-friendly option at this stage too. There are plenty of great pieces of furniture made from sustainable materials now, so you shouldn’t struggle to find things which match your requirements.


If you have a child-free household, then there’s less risk in choosing lighter fabric colours. However, even if the only children who come to your house are visitors, you may want to take them into consideration when making your choice. If you do choose a very light colour, an anti-stain or Scotchguard treatment is a good idea.

Fabrics that last longer are those with a high thread count – so it looks tightly woven. Also woven patterned fabrics will be more durable than printed fabrics. This is worth bearing in mind, as you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to reupholster your sofas and cushions on a regular basis – that’ll take too much time and money.


Probably the most important thing to think about is how comfortable the sofas and chairs you are looking at actually are. Take your time to sit down in them, and stay seated for a few minutes. It may be nice to have a beautiful piece of furniture in your home, but you need it to be functional, too. You may also want to think about the purpose your sofa serves, as well. For example, if it often doubles up as a bed for your children’s friends, you probably want the seating to be fairly wide too, so they get a fairly decent night’s sleep when they stay.

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