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A Tropical Aquarium Makes The Room Lively and Bring Unparallel Joy to The Keeper

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Keeping a tropical aquarium as a hobby is much more easy than a decade ago thanks to advances in technology and innovation, there is a surfeit of information available in the bookstores and the Internet permits entry into groups and forums with similar tastes.

Few years ago the hobby of maintaining a tropical aquarium was fraught with risks and heartbreaks. After buying everything and setting up the show one by one the fish would start dying. But today knowledge about the nitrogen cycle in aquariums, acclimatization of tropical fish and use of the test kits are common knowledge.

There are primarily three types of aquariums that can be set up – freshwater and saltwater aquariums and saltwater reef tanks.

The most popular is the freshwater tropical aquarium. This can be regarded as the first step towards gathering experience before advancing towards more complex set ups. It is the least expensive and requires the minimum attention. Literally there are many kinds of fish available. Live aquarium plants can be kept with the necessary lighting arrangements.

Saltwater tropical aquariums are more challenging to maintain – difficult but not impossible. Today live rock is used as the main biological filter and this has improved vastly the maintenance problems. Marine fish are comparatively more expensive.

The saltwater reef tank is the last word in this hobby. It is like having a piece of coral reef bang in the middle of the room. The focus is on corals and invertebrates amidst a small amount of fish. Various equipments are required like metal halide lighting etc. The livestock too are costly. The water parameters need to be monitored regularly and corrective measures taken. It is costly but a breathtaking experience.

The first thing about setting up tropical aquariums is a passionate liking for it. This will be the sustaining power. It must not be a mere temporary fancy. The next thing is to make an in-depth study of the subject before doing the buying – to avoid wasteful expenditure and disappointments.

Watching Mother Nature in the raw from the comfort of the living room armchair can be rewarding and educational. It is also relaxing in this age of tension and fast life. Children are fascinated to see the world of water. The tropical aquarium can be a tool for education as they watch first hand the biological cycle that occurs in the nitrogen cycle.

Civilizations from ancient times have been keeping fish in water tanks for food purposes. We have come a long way from those days in the matter of keeping a tropical aquarium.

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