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Try Out the New Underfloor Heating System

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Underfloor heating system, quite popular in UK and northern Europe, is a kind of central heating system used to control the indoor climate through thermal radiation and conduction instead of convection. Usually, the normal heating systems are mounted on ceilings or walls, in case of the under floor heating systems, the floor itself serves as the heat emitter. Still, the choice and the decision lie ultimately with the user and his lifestyle.

The under floor heating systems are available in two different kinds – the water underfloor heating and the electric underfloor heating. Both look completely dissimilar and they also function in quite different ways. While the water heating system circulates heated water through a pipe, the electric one makes use of the electric heating cable.

The water underfloor heating system uses water heated at a temperature around 50°C which is quite less than the conventional water central heating system that uses water at a temperature more than 60°C. As such, the water underfloor heating system can be used with high efficiency condensing boilers and are even more suited to be used with solar water heaters and heat pumps.

Whether it is the water underfloor heating or the electric underfloor heating, the source of heat is always placed under the floor. Due to this the underfloor heating installation becomes very crucial. Usually the area that is supposed to be heated is separated into zones, generally one room with one zone. The heating happens and is controlled independently in each zone.

For complete information on underfloor heating systems, it is recommended to visit the website This is specially referred because in underfloor heating installation, a complete knowledge of the same is required because specific products are design for particular kinds of installation. For example, a wooden floor will never use pipes for screed embedded underfloor heating.

There are also many advantages to the underfloor heating system. To begin with, the water underfloor heating system is considered cheaper than its conventional counterpart. Also, it is claimed that the underfloor heating gives the same comfort at a temperature almost 2°C lower than the conventional radiators.

Also, as the name suggests, the underfloor heating requires no wall mounting, there is also no restriction of placing furnitures in the room. It also saves the worry of getting dust traps. With underfloor heating systems in wet areas like kitchen, washrooms etc, the floor dries much quickly, adding to its advantage.

Underfloor heating system, however also has its share of drawbacks. The very obvious disadvantage here is the slow response time. This happens mostly in places where the pipes or cables are embedded in thick slid floors. A wooden floor can take as much as 30 minutes while the concrete floors can take as many hours.


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