Thursday, November 23, 2017

Unusual Wall Clocks Can be Found Even Today in the Digital Age One

Those dealing with unusual wall clocks have done so after taking great pains and researching. Some are made from stone and each pebble has been carefully picked by hand and then given shape to the thoughts of the artist.

For antique style wall clocks the artist has dug up pages from near extinct cultures. These make it into rustic unique wall clocks. One of the best decorative wall clocks is made from Indian quartzite slate that is found in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The models made from black gold Indian slate are cool wall clocks that will take the breath away of anyone walking into the house of the proud owner. At midnight there are bursts of colour that fade away as time ticks by. No two wall clocks look alike. There are patriotic wall clocks depicting on its face pages from history and nation building.

The history of clocks goes back to the sundial but with time things have changed and now one does not have to go down to the garden to see the time. Next came the hourglass with sand running down from one container into another.

In fact, we are already having clocks embedded in beds, especially alarm clocks in bunk beds for students. There are certain frames with built in alarm systems and only we need to put in is a mattress.

There is a timeless elegance about wall clocks and no matter what furniture is there in the home the décor is not complete without a wall clock – an unusual wall clock. Wall clocks are still available that are chiming being either wound or quartz operated. There are digital and radio controlled wall clocks for the connoisseur.

The most unique wall clock is one made by the inmate of a prison! It was made out of paper, popsicle sticks, gear shafts and pencils made of wood. The tools used to make this most unusual wall clock were a razor blade, a pair of tweezers and nail clippers. The entire operation was completed in four months. It is worth keeping in a museum – says the creator.

One wall clock, finished in antique black and gold has the picture of a painted village below the face of the clock. The Savannah Botanical Society (1913) founded by women is honoured on the face of another clock with flowers and plants on the face. It depicts their delicate and fine sense of colour matching. The dial and black hands are all antique and so too is the swinging old-fashioned pendulum. Golf enthusiasts will snap up the wall clock showing golfers and caddies in days of leisure gone by.

These unusual wall clocks capture moments in time and yet it has modern amenities like the chime being automatically switched off at night. But the most popular unusual wall clock that still remains popular is the popping cuckoo reminding us that time going away will never come back.


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  1. we always use LED digital wall clocks at home because they have very readable characters “

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