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Vinyl Flooring, An Easy Option to Customize Your Home’s Floors

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Kitchen Vinyl Flooring - photo by Courtney Trotter

Vinyl flooring is an easy and affordable option to customize your home’s floors. They come in various patterns, colors and styles and installation is a lot easier compared to other types of flooring materials. Their versatility is such that they are highly recommended than any other type of flooring above by majority of house builders.

Among the more notable properties of vinyl flooring are its durability and diverse design options. You can have a vinyl floor that looks like granite in one room, marble in another or wood in still another area of the house.

They are very easy to maintain and will generally last for a long time. More so if you follow the following simple steps for vinyl flooring care and maintenance:

It is advisable to sweep vinyl floors about twice daily. Vinyl floors protective surface layer is not enough to protect it from dust, grit, sand and any other abrasive materials that can get stuck under your footwear; as an initial line of defense, it is advisable to place door mats at all the entrances to the house to reduce the amount of dirt and grit on your vinyl floor.

Mop your floor weekly, or as often as necessary especially if you have pets in the house, with a sponge mop. Avoid using rag mops as they can leave water in between the joints.

Depending on the amount of traffic in your house, a monthly or bi-monthly washing of your vinyl floor may be necessary. Use only manufacturer recommended cleaning agents, never use abrasive cleaners, paste waxes, or solvents as these can scratch, damage and/or discolor your floor.

It is advisable to install gliders or rubber protectors on furniture bottoms and legs of tables and chairs. When moving furniture, lift or pick them up to avoid damaging your flooring.

One way to maintain the sheen of vinyl floor tiles is to polish them once every six months; take care to use polish that is recommended and/or approved by the manufacturer as safe to use on your floor.

 For cleaning up spills, ordinary water and a clean cloth is enough to do the job, do not use soap as it can dull the sheen of your floor.

In summary, vinyl floors are inexpensive, easy to maintain and will last a long time if you know follow the manufacturer recommended maintenance and care guidelines. It is only when you do not use proper care and maintenance procedures that they loose their beauty and become dirty and dull.


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