Monday, December 18, 2017

Inexpensive Wall Decorating Ideas Around You

Are you thinking of inexpensive wall decorating ideas? You don not necessarily have to spend a fortune in coming up with ideas on how to decorate blank walls in your house.

Simply look around you and you will find many useful, practical and fairly cheap wall decorating ideas that you can put to good use to highlight a particular wall or walls in your home.

Using lights in any room can give life and warmth to an otherwise drab and cold interior.

You can find several varieties of track lights, pendant lamps, floor lamps, wall scones and others that are easy to install for a warmer, more inviting atmosphere in a room. The interplay of lights and shadows can make a room look and feel more alive especially if you use them with good judgment.

Sponge Painting
You can give any wall texture, character and life by using the sponge painting technique. This alternative is a fun and inexpensive way to turn any wall(s) into an eye catching and visually appealing work of art without spending a fortune in the process!

Alternatively, you can frame pictures of family accomplishments, your children or pets in a straight line at eye level to accentuate a wall. Doing so and using directional track lighting to call attention to each picture would further give the wall a distinctive character and appeal to family members or any visitor!

These are not very often looked at as a wall decorating idea but used wisely it gives added attention and brings life to an otherwise drab wall.

If you have already used the portraits approach and don’t want to use it again, another method that you can put to good use is to mount a two or three-tier shelve on a wall where you can display your assortment of memorabilia and collectibles. The possibilities are endless because you can use the different sections for different collections to add flair to the wall.

However, if your budget allows you can buy limited edition posters and use them as wall decoration. However, don’t overdo it when going this route otherwise you may turn your wall into a marquee … but then again, that may not be a bad idea after all!

Paintings, Prints and Works of Art
You don’t necessary have to spend a fortune if you prefer hanging a painting, a print or other works of art on your wall. Simply use common sense and have one or even three in reserve so that you can rotate them every quarter or as often as you like.

Wall decorating ideas are literally endless and can give a monotonous wall a personality and life all its own. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune and you can do it at very little cost or even at no cost at all if you simply explore the endless possibilities of wall decorating ideas around you!


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