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The Exquisite Pieces of Wall Tapestries Lend a Distinct and Elegant Look

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Wall tapestries have long been part of our furnishings. Earlier it was the Royal home that was adorned with it. Its elegance and intricacy lent a magical effect to it. Even corpses of the pharaohs were wrapped in tapestry before burying them. The walls of the ancient churches and cathedrals were also decorated with tapestry.

The glamour of the wall tapestries matched the grandeur of the palace. Even in Greece tapestry was a favorite decorative item. Weavers all over Europe were busy weaving them but it was France that made this popular in the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, custom-made houses are opting for wall tapestry. This is gaining popularity with the improving sense of home décor. These are available online too. A renowned site well known for its reliability is the designer wall tapestries. With a wide range of tapestry samples based on European designs, it changes the look of the home interior.

Carefully selected, these designs are distinctly different from others. Wall tapestries are valuable possessions that are handed down to generations. The timeless patterns and the superior quality are just perfect for sprawling houses and plush offices. There are different types of tapestries. The bags made of tapestry, cushion jackets and other everyday products add to the beauty of the house.

The line of wall tapestry is created by artistic and creative weavers who toil hard to make them. These are made in the most advanced jacquard looms. The borders, are stitched by the weavers themselves, and are done in such a way that it seems an integral part of the whole design.

The designs vary between countries. Reflecting their own culture the designers add their signature designs and weaves. Ranging from the middle ages, the renaissance to the later periods of history, it is all depicted in the tapestries.

The easiest way to enhance the grace of the room is by adding a tapestry wall hanging. The exquisite patterns add a historical look to the room. The dream to live in the past becomes a reality almost. The rich heritage captured in the confines of one’s own drawing room is a pleasant feeling.

Designs vary with the choice of the customer. For the nature lovers the floral wall tapestry is the best. These come in rich colours and are intricately woven. Realistic to look at, these often depict important scenes from the bible or romantic literature. People with an artistic bent of mind are prone towards decorating their homes with parts of artistic history. That is why they opt for tapestry wall art.

Belgium with Italy and France are the leading manufacturers of wall tapestry today. Walls of auditoriums museums and sprawling bungalows are being ornamented with wall tapestries today.

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