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Find Innovative Window Treatment Curtains For a Trendy New Look

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Home window treatments can be of 2 types, namely soft and hard. You may even opt for a combination of both. Hard treatments involve materials like vinyl or wood. Shutters, blinds and shades fall in this category. Sheers, drapes, valences, swags, made of soft materials belong to the soft category.

If you want a combination of both types, that is, if you intend to impart a layered look, too can be achieved. You can call upon an installer or opt for a DIY package. Services of various sites can be availed.

There are opinions galore regarding curtain window treatments. According to most designers it is better to remove heavy window coverings and replace them with light ones which help to lighten up rooms. Go for pleated shades that not only offer privacy but also at the same time allow light to infiltrate. Use cool light colors to make the room look spacious. Go for warm and dark shades to make an oversized room comfortable.

Cut off the scorching sunlight with blinds. Blinds can be used in combination with curtains. The former blocks light while the latter add to the hue and style. They cut of the rays considerably but at the same time block vision. You can in such a situation get the panes tinted. They block light and at the same time protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays. You may curtail cost by getting some of the panes tinted.

Innovative rods and curtains offer a unique look. Does the idea of using a woolen blanket for a curtain and ski poles for rods sound too improbable? Well, try it out and see the difference it makes. Try mounting an oar from a boat or even a walking stick to hang your curtains.

Be slightly bold and use leather belts as tiebacks. You will end up with a novel look. You may hang the rods just above the window frame or even raise it towards the ceiling. The latter arrangement adds to the height of the room. Use light rods for smaller rooms and heavier ones for larger areas.

You can try being slightly innovative. Take a beach mat and paint a pattern on it .if you are lacking in artistic skills try stenciling a design on it. Embellish it with beads tassels and ribbons.
Your home is a reflection of your personality. Make your style statement through appropriate window treatments curtains.


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  1. it is advisable to instal only cordless window treatments in homes where small children are present ‘

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