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Find Answer to the Question.”Is Wood Deck Maintenance Necessary?”

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Patio solid wood deck maintenance

Everyone requires wood deck maintenance tips because almost every home or office has a deck. Many people worry about how to maintain a deck. So here are some deck cleaning tips to help you.

Decks can be just a simple entrance or of more elaborate designs, made of cedar and redwood or pressure-treated pine. All kinds of decks require maintenance as they receive wear and tear in the rough climate due to UV rays of sun and moisture from rains. Failure to do so might result in discoloration and the surface might also become rough and prone to splinters.

Decks should be maintained and treated at least once a year. In order to do so the first step is preparing the deck for maintenance procedure. All deck furniture, toys, etc should be removed and the deck should be clear of large debris. Now a careful check should be carried out if there are any loose boards or nails that stick up. If yes then necessary repairs are to be done.

Now the deck should be cleaned. Cleaning of deck is very important and involves removal of dirt, moss, algae and any other kind of organic matter. As required by the directions that come with the cleaning solutions, the deck might be thoroughly washed with water first. Now the solution should be applied.

Care should be taken that this chemical does not come in contact with grass and plants as it can harm them. The solution can be applied using a spray can, a broom or sprayed with a power washer. Wait for the required time and then rinse thoroughly. Use moderate pressure as low pressure will not be able to remove chemicals and dirt properly whereas high pressure may gouge wood or lead to the grain becoming exaggerated.

Now the deck needs to be dried. Once this is done, the deck is sealed. The sealant can be rolled on with a paint roller, brushed on, or sprayed on. Sealants can come in both oil-based or water- based formulas. Some good quality sealants also have ultra-violet sunlight protection in order to reduce sun’s damaging effects. You should be very careful while selection your sealant and take into account the toxicity of the product to humans specially when if you will be walking barefoot on the treated wood.

This whole procedure can be done by yourself or else you can take help of professionals also. Many professional painters offer this service at varied prices and quality. A typical deck cleaning and sealing cost can cost you anything from $300 to $600. It is advisable to choose an experienced and high-quality person for this job and not compromise due to prices.

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