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Wooden Wine Racks Make Storage Simpler and Eye Catching!

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Traditional wooden wine racks are still the classiest choice when it comes to storing wine in cellars or in the living room. The rustic appeal and earthy tones of wooden wine racks are a perfect complement to the green and blue shades of wine bottles.

Most common wooden wine racks are made from pine, maple and oak. The least expensive are those made of pine, in the middle price range are maple wooden wine racks and oak wood wine racks come out as the most expensive.

Wine connoisseurs recommend that wine racks be made of wood rather than iron or steel (especially for long term storage) because metals naturally hold and retain heat. Wood on the other hand does not thereby it has no effect on the wine as heat can be transferred from the metal to the bottle to the wine; this would result into a degradation of the natural flavor of the wine. Wine needs cold, dark place for proper storage as heat and light can eventually cause it damage.

Another advantage of wooden wine racks are their expandability, you can start with a simple 36-bottle rack and turn it into a 10-thousand bottle cellar storage system as your collection grows using the same system. They are modular and easy to add to, making them more versatile that their metal counterparts.

You can even customize the finish of your wooden wine racks by using wood stain for an even more rustier and aged look that most people fall in love with. For entertaining, you can get yourself a table that incorporates side racks or a centerpiece that can hold 4 to 6 wine bottles for a better presentation to your guests.

With the wide array of wooden wine rack systems available, purchasing your own wine storage system becomes simpler and dependent on your budget. You can go for a modular model that you can expand as your wine collection grows, buy ready-to-assemble wooden wine racks that combine individual shelving and bin shelving of wine or have your wooden wine rack customized to meet your requirements, space and design needs!

By carefully choosing your wooden wine racking system, you can integrate it with the design and architecture of your home and even match the wood panels for a more visually appealing effect.

Nothing compares to having a wooden wine rack to store your wine collection and a tabletop wine and stemware rack to show off your taste to your guests.

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